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Indoor Photo session : In Poppy’s eyes

On a beautiful sunny day, Sophie and Poppy  at their beautiful home in Cabarita Beach . Her beautiful blues eyes loved my camera and I was so happy to be here to record the beautiful connection between a mum and her daughter . I just loved capturing those moments. I know for a fact that it is not easy to go in front of the camera but it is so worse it. You are not there for you but for your children . So they have memories of those pretty time with you . They are too little to remember and only pictures or film will help them to understand the love that at this moment you have for them . So please, please go in front of the camera  and don t be afraid to show  your children how the life is with them .

She was such an happy toddler. She was giggling, playing her wood toys and smiling to me . I was so happy to meet this beautiful little girl and I can’t wait for our next session with this time her very busy daddy ๐Ÿ˜‰

And look at this beautiful place. I think I could of photograph them all day long there. I have to come back ๐Ÿ™‚ This Cabarita Beach Indoor session was done in their beautiful Airbnb that you can find here

Motherhood session :

Motherhood session is one of my favorite session because It is a session to slow down, to enjoy every little moments. Life goes so fast. Babies become kids. Kids become teenagers. And just like that they are in adulthood. I like the softness of a motherhood session. It is you and your children. It is a precious moment.

Please do not hesitate  to contact me or book  for your next indoor session or motherhood session ๐Ÿ™‚

Toddler with blue eyes Toddler looking at the camera Toddler smiling at the camera Mum and daughter connection with wood toys Poppy looking at the camera with a wood toy in her mouth On the bed Popy giggling Indoor session on the bed upside down toddler Smiling toddler on the bed in mum arms Portrait of a toddler showing her teeth Tender moment before toddler escape Breastfeeding time  Toddler smiling while playing with mum's hair Before the bath blue eyes staring In the sink blue eyes toddler staring at the camera Toddler playing on the wood table details cuddling Toddler pointing me
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